Zombieville Season 4 out now

Well, months of blood, sweat and tears later ~ Once Upon a Time in Zombieville Season 4 is out now!

You can find it on BBC SOUNDS now!

It was a difficult slog, mainly because I was very ambitious in what I wanted to write about, and even then, much has been wheeched oot ~ but I really hope everyone likes it! It sees our lead characters Jamie & Sam tested to their limits – being isolated and alone – which is something much of our audience can relate to during the Pandemic lockdowns and home schooling!

We’re also thrilled to welcome Rob Delaney to the cast as the ruthless (and shiny) Bounty Hunter Steve Diamond.

My deep gratitude to all the fellow performers and production team for all their hard work – and patience! A big shout out to Declan Butcher – the original Jamie – who unfortunately aged out of the part when his voice broke! AAARGH!!! You did an awesome job Declan for S1-3! I really hope we can get you back for another role if the BBC gives us another bite at the apple!

Anyway, love the performances and love the artwork by Sam! Aren’t the show title cards amazing? Each modelled after an Eighties Iconic Movie Poster!

Anyway! ENJOY!

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