Public Speaking

I occasionally do industry talks about being a freelancer in radio and TV for school leavers and students. Not everybody ends up working for a big company doing just one thing, and it’s my job to get that across! You can specialise. But you can also – especially if you work for small independent companies – multitask! Professionals who do more than one thing exist! And I talk about that!

However, most of my public speaking is the paranormal. 

The paranormal has been a lifelong interest. I, like many others growing up in the 70s, had the Usborne Book of Ghosts, but I remember, in John Smith & Sons, a bookshop in Glasgow, begging my Mum for The Reader’s Digest ‘Into the Unknown‘. I can’t remember if it was for my Birthday or Christmas that year, but it was what I really wanted. My Mum wasn’t keen because she feared I’d be too keen. It was a household of sporadic weirdness and my Mum had what might romantically and patriotically be described as the An Da Shealladh; the second sight. It wasn’t sought or enjoyed. She didn’t like her experiences and the thought of me being wired the same way upset her. 

In the 90’s I occasionally joined my Mum at the Scottish Society for Psychical Research‘s lectures, but it took until 1998 to join, and the year 2000 to join the Investigation Group. I’ve been a member of the SSPR for 22 years now and I’m grateful for all the fascinating talks I’ve seen, people I’ve met and cases I’ve been on.

My first talk on the paranormal was in 2002, about an unusual UFO Close Encounter, popularly known as ‘The Mince Pie Martians’.

My last talk was for the Arthur Conan Doyle Centre in Edinburgh, operated by the Spiritualists National Union.

I’m also – due to moving in media circles and being known for this sort of thing – a consultant on paranormal matters to film/tv and media companies. A couple of years ago I helped to fake a seance in one of Scotland’s famous haunted inns, The Drovers Inn, for a cider company! Now, that was a lot of fun (and thirsty work).

For a full list of the talks I’ve given, see my C.V.

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