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Waaay back in 2016 I was asked to write a treatment for a zombie radio comedy for kids by the multi-talented Bigmouth Audio. They had a great idea for an audio cartoon with the visually impaired in mind and had some quality ingredients assembled ~ two boys, Max and Sam, a mad scientist called Dr Smillie and a 300 year old zombie curse in a Scottish seaside village.

They also had amazing studios in Glasgow in Toronto and a network of top voice talent!

Bigmouth were big enough – and kind enough – to give me free reign to make some changes: Max became Macs, who himself was visually impaired; Sam became Samantha; Dr Smillie was no longer the main villain (anyone who knows scientists can tell you that  they’re too busy begging for funding to be taking over the world), and instead Voom Buckstop – a proper old skool megalomaniac – became the villain. And villains, if you’re aiming at comedy, are best complete morons. Dr Smillie is way too clever to be in charge. And finally ~ I set the drama in a non-specific town somewhere in North America. The setting was more American Sci-fi than Scottish Supernatural (which is my daily existence, so….the lure of Anomalous Americana won outeasily!)

Season One was for BBC Schools Radio, as commissioned by BBC Learning in Scotland and supported by BBC Radio Scotland.

Initially released on the iplayer, Season One is now to be found on all manner of podcast platforms ~ and did well enough at the 2018 British Podcast Awards to merit more interest from the BBC! Two more seasons were commissioned by BBC Sounds!

Season 2’s Trailer was launched on Hallowe’en 2019 and is now available to listen on BBC Sounds (with Season 1).


Season 3 was released in February 2020 and can be found here!

LOVE the artwork by Samuel St.Leger! It so brilliantly captures the mood and atmosphere of the shows! You can see more of Sam’s work here!

I can honestly say that I’m sooo proud to be involved with this project and soooo grateful to have been given soooo much creative freedom by Steve & Phil at Bigmouth. It’s a treat to have so much support from them.  Also thanks to BBC Schools and BBC Radio Scotland for starting us off with Season 1 and then so much support from my editor Anne McNaught from BBC Learning in Scotland and encouragement from Johnny Leagas from BBC Children’s Radio for Seasons 2 & 3!

Will there be a Season 4….? Hmmmm?

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