I’m dreaming!

So, this is nice! It’s been a while since I’ve been involved in anything musical (entirely my fault!) but I’m featured on a wonderful record released on the wonderful label Castles in Space!

It’s ‘The Eccentronic Research Council’s’ Dream Catcher’s Tapes! It was released 5 years ago, but is now re-released with more recordings and now on lovely or should I say, dreamy, vinyl!

I remember being asked by Adrian Flanagan to record myself talking about a dream. Instead of talking about something that my subconscious had dished up the night before, I searched for an old diary/journal entry I wrote about a dream I had when I was (I dunno..?) 10, or 11? Or thereabouts? It disturbed my greatly that it made my skin crawl ~ and still does to this day! It was probably inspired by a 2000A.D story about a fungal plague that hit Mega City One – called Grubb’s Disease!

Weirdly, it’s listed first here: https://www.piccadillyrecords.com/counter/product.php?pid=137597

It’s an honour to feature on such a great project, which is in itself an homage to the BBC Radiophonic Workshop Barry Bermange / Deliah Derbyshire Production Dreams ~ which I first heard on BBC Radio 3’s (sorely missed) Mixing It.

And why was I asked? I met Adrian Flanagan when Kings Have Long Arms shared the billing with CNUT in Copenhagen’s DRAMA Club. Adrian and his entourage had the vibe of a ‘The Purge’ house invasion ~ but where only good things happen.

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