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I have written a few short stories and really enjoyed the process. I should probably write more but with so many other distractions, it’s hard to be motivated. However, when The London Reader decided to dedicate an issue to Fantasy Role Playing Games (my one and only hobby, since 1982), Drama & Dragons ~ how could I resist?



For the 200th Anniversary of The Scotsman, I contributed two opinion pieces as part of their 200 Voices Project ; one on the surprisingly contentious issue of Gaelic and English Road Signage in Scotland and another one about ‘trickle down economics’.

It’s a funny thing airing your opinions for all to see, like airing your laundry across the high street. And thanks to Comments, you don’t have to wonder what people think of you. What amazed me was how many people weighed in with immediate personal insults and some evidently never even read the article, assuming I was attacking their stance, instead of supporting it! Aaaah. The internet. 

The One on Trickle Down Economics is on

For some reason, my spiel on Gaelic is not, so here it is in pdf format.

Signs of the Time_Article for Scotsman

I’m certainly not short of an opinion, so if anybody wants some, just get in touch.

However, as a more serious footnote, I think the blurring between News and Opinion has diminished our public discourse. We are all poorer for the impoverishment of Journalism and what we need right now are not more opinions, but more facts.

If I can voice my opinion on this: facts matter.

I know. And I’m a paranormal investigator. 

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