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I’ve been writing (and usually voicing) animations since 2012, now over 120 short films (and counting). I mostly work for the brilliant BAFTA winning Once Were Farmers. Our clients are BBC Learning, usually for their Bitesize and BBC Teach brands.

Currently I’ve just finished writing the History of the Romans in Scotland for Primary School aged kids following on from a history of The Vikings in Scotland. I’m champing at the bit to write more films about history! Any takers? 😉

Wars of Independence

I love history. I spent one tourist season working at Edinburgh Castle as a Steward and it was probably the best job I’ve ever done: hanging around a world heritage site and talking to tourists about history. So, like a medieval phalanx of pikemen, I pushed hard to win this pitch! A mix of films for BBC Learning in Scotland, about The (First) Scottish Wars of Independence, featuring the main personalities involved and a first person POV of the battles that took place!

Here’s a film about Alexander III.  Anji Darcy narrates, with me supplying character voices.

Here’s a film about the Battle of Falkirk. I especially enjoyed writing and voicing ‘Archie McTwang’, the everyday Scottish Archer. He didn’t have a good day.

World War I

I always see my job as bringing a fresh and engaging angle to any subject ~ and for history, seeing events through the eyes of a character can be most effective. I’m especially fond of these films, again a OWF production, but for BBC Primary History ~ teaching young students about how WWI impacted on life at home. A special mention must also be made of the brilliant music by Giles Lamb. I include them all, because I love ’em! 

Filmmaking is always a collaboration and I’m lucky to have worked with so many people who are way more talented than me!

Penny Sharp did the background design for the WWI films (as well as voicing the female characters) and she meticulously researched and designed the buildings and had a particularly ingenious way of ensuring that the drawings were consistent, regardless of shot! She made a paper model of our fictional 1916 town!


Kick Sum Maths

I’ve written a lot of films teaching maths. For both Scottish and UK Curricula – for secondary education and primary.  Sometimes, Maths can be hard to get your head around – and I should know – Maths was not one of my loves at school. Sometimes students need some help.

To help, I’ve used Bears, that, well, y’know (in the woods), Penguins with flame throwers, Dolphins that are terrible at swimming, Mark Knopfler straddling a howling void into an other dimension and a Lovecraftian Horror working on a Construction Site. Character Design by the multitalented Scott Morriss.

But that was for the big kids.

For Primary aged students, I worked on a film called Kick Sum Maths – which included live action and animation ~ and puppets. It was a real smorgasbord of techniques and we had a lot of fun making it! 

Here’s Detective Stinker and Sergeant Fungal of Numbers Yeah Police Department, the Measuring Crow and some delightful props (puppets and props by Penny Sharp).

And here 3 of the many films, on BBC Teach on Youtube.

For a complete list of the animation and film I’ve worked on, please see my CV!


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