M.C & Presenting

My ability to suffer embarrassment in public with stoicism and a basic grounding in showbiz (smile, face the front, be audible) puts me in good stead for public speaking, presenting and being a Master of Ceremonies.

Waaaay back in 2000, when I was a vivacious 29 year old brunette, I was a Finalist in the BBC Talent Presenter category. It was no mean feat – from 11,000 entrants! However, despite not getting the gig, the BBC did fly me (and the rest of the runners up) down to Birmingham, for a day’s training in Wood Norton (now, more famous for its literal hidden depths – this was where the BBC planned to broadcast from apres Nuclear War).. My day at least confirmed for me that I didn’t quite fit in: everyone was dressed like a professional, everyone in suits. I turned up in a leather jacket and Hawaiian shirt. And when it came to reading the news from autocue… I remember doing it as best as I could, not perfect (it is an art from), but not bad. At the end the producers were in tears laughing… “Okay. Do it again, but seriously”. … But. But I am doing it seriously..

I seriously was.

Anyway, since then I have MC’ed events at The Sub Club in Glasgow for Optimo, and also MC’ed for Legacy Cheer and Dance – quite a different kind of MC job, but really enjoyable. I’ll tells ye what: I have a lot of respect for cheerleaders – proper athletes. Fearless.

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