I’ve been playing table-top role-playing games since the early 80s. Details are sketchy, but it’s possible that I started playing in 82 or 83 and we (my elder brother and friends) played the original edition of Warhammer first. And it was fun. 5 or a 6 for follow on combat. See? I remember. But we kept seeing adverts in White Dwarf Magazine for Runequest, and how many prizes it kept winning, and our curiosity got the better of us. Runequest was to D&D as Betamax was to VHS; it came after, was way better, but was not as popular. But we loved it. And although D&D is now synonymous with role-playing games, and is enjoying a renaissance due to Stranger Things, (unlike VHS or Betamax) true nerds amongst nerds, recognise Runequest as the best fantasy role-playing game around. And it too is undergoing its own renaissance.

In a world full of tired and weary reboots, the game which unleashed my imagination all those years ago, is now back as Runequest: Glorantha. And it’s magnificent.

Despite decades of cringe, Geek Culture is now triumphant. However, there has always been – and always will be, something distinctly weird about Fantasy Role-Playing. I mean: fantasy. And: Role-Playing. No. We don’t dress up. I have never shouted, ‘Fireball, fireball, fireball‘. And the perennial question: “Have you won yet?” No. Not yet. Like life, and polyhedral dice, roleplaying rolls on.

As a hobby which exercises the imagination and is very social, I would recommend it highly. We seem to value the imagination and entertainment, but combine the two and some people get self conscious. Maybe because it’s a collective endeavour, a collaborative effort to imagine together. And we do it just for fun. Just for fun!? How dare we!?! Isn’t that kind of thing – getting together and imagining – just meant to be for religion or politics?

And to the imagination. I have often written adventures or scenarios. Back in the day it was on bits of paper with pencils and pens. But it is 2020. So, I rewrote an old thing I wrote back in the 90s and published it as a pdf. On the internet! It’s free! Feel free to log on, download and have a peek!

I’ve published it in pdf form on Drive Thru Games,–The-Pit

Already, more than 600 downloads and 4.5 out of 5 stars. Not bad for a first effort.

It won’t be my last effort. Stay tuned! The next one will be on sale for COLD HARD POST-BREXIT SURVIVAL CASH.

I’ve also enjoyed drawing the artwork. Here’s some for your perusal!

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