C. V.

Best Family GOLD / Best Fiction Nominated / Most Original BRONZEBritish Podcast Awards 2018

“Perfect family fodder for the morning school run” – The Metro

“Really recommend, a funny witty drama.. Pitched just right..” – mumsnet

“This podcast cleverly encloses moral messages and ethical dilemmas in silly scenarios – a perfect format to ‘accidently’ teach kids about the ways of the world” – Hook Research

BAFTA Nominee – Scotland Animation 2016

BAFTA Nominee – Children’s Short Form 2015

“Original and Hilarious. A Festival Highlight” – Glasgow International Comedy Festival 2014

“Young People Nominee” – Celtic Media Festival 2013             

“compelling flair” – Time Out, NY

“Stupid, clever, funny and good, all at the same time”- The List

“genius” – The Herald

“pick of the year 2007” – itunes

“Turns a great set into an unforgettable evening.” – The N.M.E

“endearing puerility” – Repellent Fanzine, NY

“Stilistische Anarchie ist hier leitendes Prinzip: das klingt mal wie Slade auf Helium, dann wieder wie ein Kindergeburtstag für gereifte Zyniker” – Popkomm.de

“si può ammirare la follia degenerata del cantante Innes Smith” – Neural.it

“Innes har en særdeles heldig hånd med at skrive iørefaldende, teatralske og stedvist svulstige vokalinier” – Geiger.dk

“Smith’s lyrics have gone far out into the realms of the usually unconsidered in songwriting” – Freq

“a techno-fried John Cleese” – BBC Radio One

Face_cream red back

As a writer I have co-written 4 series of radio sketch comedy for the BBC & Channel 4; co-written for CBBC TV; and have written (and mostly voiced) over 126 short animated films for BBC Learning, BBC Schools (for BBC Online & The Learning Zone on BBC2) and the Glasgow Science Centre. Now on Apple Podcasts and BBC Sounds are all three series of ‘Once Upon a Time in Zombieville’, a radio comedy drama for kids, originally aired on BBC Schools Radio. I was also one of The Scotsman’s ‘200 Voices’ for 2017. As an actor most of my work has been in radio or sketch comedy (with particular strengths in commitment to character and improvisation), but the bulk of what I do now is Voice Overs. I’ve worked for the BBC, Channel 4, commercial work and the computer games industry. I was also a BBC Talent Finalist for Presenting in 2000 and MC’ed for Glasgow’s legendary club Optimo Espacio.

As a singer I’ve worked with Dave Graham in CNUT; was JD Twitch’s ‘Angry German’; and have collaborated with DJ Frenchbloke and Soundhog in Tauchsieder.

I’m also a self-taught illustrator.

Selected Work



Writer (and Actor)              Seasons 2 & 3           BBC Sounds                                             2019

Writer (and Actor)              Season 1             BBC Schools Radio / Radio Scotland          2017


Actor & Co-Writer         The Trial of ~            BBC Radio Scotland                          2016

                                   Series 2                              BBC Radio Scotland                          2006

                                   Series 1/Late Night Filthy        BBC Radio Scotland                    2005

                                   Series 1                                       BBC Radio Scotland                      2005

                                   Phil Collins Half Hour                Radio Magnetic                                2003


Actor & Writer     Idents & Spoken Word     Environmental Arts Festival         2012 – 14; 2019


Actor & Co-Writer          The Atrocity Machine          Channel 4 Radio                    2007


Writer & Presenter    Drive-Time & Breakfast        Subcity Radio 106.2 FM          1996 – 1998



Writer                                     The Romans in Scotland               BBC Learning              2020

Writer                                     The Vikings in Scotland               BBC Learning               2019

Voice & Writer                       Wars of Independence                BBC Learning               2019

Voice & Writer                       Early Years Literacy                     BBC Learning               2018

Voice & Writer          English/Scottish Set Texts                 BBC Learning          2015 & 2017

Voice & Writer                      James Clerk Maxwell   Glasgow Science Centre              2015

Voice & Lead Writer               GCSE Maths                      BBC Learning                            2014

Actor & Lead Writer               Let’s Kick Sum Maths      BBC Learning                         2014

Voice & Writer                     WWI My Life & My Family      BBC Schools                         2014

Voice & Writer                      Modern Studies Bites                BBC Learning                      2013

Voice & Writer                      Shakespeare Bites                      BBC Learning                       2013

Voice & Writer                      Maths Bites                                  BBC Learning                       2012

Lead Actor                             The Dunwich Horror                 BANG! Productions               2010

Actor & Co-Writer                   Stakeout Series 2                      CBBC Scotland                       2008



Soundscapes                   Herd the Shadows          Castles in Space [Biggleswade] 2015

Vocals & Soundscapes            Louder                            Prank Monkey [London]     2007


Vocalist & Writer            Switch on the Light                Philter Inc [Tokyo]                   2003

                                   Dancing Dancing                ERKRANKUNG  [Munich]                     2003

                                   Prince of Shampoos         Angelika Koehlermann [Vienna]              2001


Vocalist & Writer            Arrived Phoenix              Matador [New York]                     2001

                                            Yo la Poptimo               OSCAR [Glasgow]                             2000



Solo Show               The Drawing Devil                GoMA,      Glasgow                              2018

Group Show            Bad Art World Tour              Old Hairdressers, Glasgow              2017

Group Show            13th International              13th Note, Glasgow                             2014

Group Show            Get a Room                          Brunswick Hotel, Glasgow               2012

Group Show            New Perspectives              Pollok House, Glasgow                      2012

Group Show            The Drawing Devil            Vault, The Briggait, Glasgow               2011

Group Show            EUR.APP                              The Ballhaus, Berlin,                         2011

Group Show            Telling Stories                   Market Gallery, Glasgow                     2011

Group Show            Neighbourhood Cinema   Glasgow Film Festival                      2011

Group Show            Doing the Gooey                 The CCA, Glasgow                               2010

Group Show            Versus                                  The Market Gallery, Glasgow            2010

Solo Show                 Whether Cock                     Artklub, Vienna                                         2007

Group Show            Bent Lieder                   Arches New Work Season, Glasgow      2002



Writer/Performer/Animator  Emojis / Commissioned Glasgow Comedy Festival 2018

Writer/Performer/Animator  Bad Dreams / Commissioned Glasgow Comedy Festival 2017

Writer/Performer/Animator  Neighbours / Commissioned Glasgow Comedy Festival 2016

Writer/Performer/Animator    Pets / Commissioned    Glasgow Comedy Festival        2015

Writer/Performer/Animator    Stars / Commissioned    Glasgow Comedy Festival        2014

Performer                 The Lucky Tearoom          Edinburgh’s Hogmanay / Be Lucky          2013

Master of Ceremonies      Optimo Espacio       Sub Club, Glasgow                          2002 – 2015

Master of Ceremonies      Irregular (Canongate Books)    E I B F                                          2010

Writer/Performer     The Atrocity Machine    Glasgow Comedy Festival                         2008

Writer/Performer     The Amazing Bastards    The Stand, Glasgow                                     2008

Writer/Performer       Beat Route Bistro          Bar Brel, Glasgow                              2000 – 2003



I have provided VO’s for BBC ONLINE; BBC Radio Scotland; INK Digital; Savalas Sound Studios for commercials & The Glasgow Science Centre, The Glasgow Commonwealth Games 2014e-learning.com, Cameron Presentations , Bright Signals, Thistle Awards, Online Virals (for Dolphin Conservation, Tennents Lager, Magners and FEAT Sepsis awareness), Commercial Radio Stations in West of Scotland and the computer games industry. I also emcee for National Cheerleading Competitions, for Legacy Cheer and Dance and The Edinburgh International Science Festival. 



I have been investigating the paranormal since 1998.

I am presently the President of the Scottish Society for Psychical Research, Scotland’s largest and oldest continuing Paranormal Research group.

I have presented talks on the following subjects:

‘What’s the Point in Paranormal Investigating?’  Arthur Conan Doyle Centre, Edinburgh          2020

‘Paranormal Investigating: What’s the F****** Point!?’  A Talk to The Edinburgh Fortean Conference          2019

‘The Paranormal: Experience versus Belief’  A Talk to The West of Scotland Dowsers          2019

‘Medieval Terror’                                 A Talk to Strathclyde Uni Film & Radio Soc.            2018

‘Yule Be Having a Pagan Christmas’   A Talk to The SSPR, Partick Burgh Halls            2017

‘Problems with the Paranormal’   A Talk to The Edinburgh Skeptics, Horror Festival            2017

‘Don’t Panic’                 A Talk to The SSPR, Theosophy House, Glasgow                                     2017

‘The Boggle Factor’                 A Talk to The Scottish UFO Paranormal Conference                       2017

‘Comedy & The Paranormal’ A Pecha Kucha Presentation at Glasgow School of Art           2016

‘Paranormal Jesus’           A Pecha Kucha Presentation at Glasgow University                           2015

‘The Dark Outside Lecture’  The Dark Outside: Sanctuary, Galloway Forest Park                 2014

‘Problems with the Paranormal’           A Talk to the Edinburgh Fortean Society                 2014

‘Comedy Writing & the Paranormal’           Pecha Kucha at Edinburgh University              2013

‘Vampires: fact!? fiction?’       Miss.B Presents, The Old Hairdressers, Glasgow               2012

‘Where are we now?’                   A Talk to the SSPR, Theosophy House, Glasgow                     2012

‘Summoning Spiritualism’   A Talk to the West of Scotland Dowsers                                             2011

‘From Mesmerism to Hypnotism’  A Talk to the West of Scotland Dowsers                                    2010

‘The Problem with the Paranormal’  A Talk to the SSPR, Glasgow University                             2009

‘Spring Heeled Jack’       A short talk to the SSPR, Glasgow University                                  2003

 ‘The Mince Pie Martians’      A short talk to the SSPR, Glasgow University                                  2002


I’m the Chair of Glasgow Independent Studio. Did you know Glasgow’s the Cultural powerhouse of Europe and has the most vibrant art scene?

I can act badly. Or maybe so bad that it becomes good again? I have no idea. And that’s the problem and why I just stick to voice work and comedy. However, I do pop up now and then as an extra in Outlander! Can you spot me? [Sam Heughan is a very nice man]

I once deejayed from behind John Peel’s Knees.

I am a Slovenophile! If you haven’t been to Slovenia, go!

I’ve been playing table-top roleplaying games for almost 40 years. Chaosium’s Runequest is the best by far! C’mon D&Dersfight me! 

I grew up in an enchanted forest full of mythical beasts (Ralston).

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