Podcasting, as in the freewheeling, shootin’ the breeze, kinda lazy Sunday version of Radio, is something I’ve started to do. I can’t take any credit – It’s all Michael McCann’s fault. He made me do it.


Michael was recording a podcast called ‘Weirder Hings‘ a podcast about the paranormal with an unashamedly Scottish angle. He asked me to join him and we’ve been recording it since….when did I start doing this?

You can find our archive here on spreaker. And also on PlayerFM.

But our main internet launchpad is the mucho-popular Paranormal UK Radio Network.

Here’s a random episode on Podbean ~ Episode 27.  According to Michael, who knows about these sorts of things, the Paranormal UK Radio Network was getting more listens and downloads than the USA’s Coast To Coast! I know! Check us! 

My eternal gratitude goes to Michael, a busy man, who works way harder than me to bring you the podcast – which was entirely his idea.

It’s a lot of fun to do – I hope our audience enjoys it as much as we do!

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