Life in Lockdown

For most of Lockdown I’ve been busy writing for BBC Learning Scotland ~ completing 8 short animated films teaching older Primary School kids about The Romans in Scotland.


I’ve also been keeping tabs on Once Upon a Time in Zombieville, which has been going down well amongst families (and schools) needing food for thought and er… snacks for laughter during homeschooling. In addition to the honour of being recommended by ‘The Scottish Book Trust‘ and the RNIB, here are some nice reviews:

Perfect family fodder for the morning school runThe Metro

Really recommend, a funny witty drama.. Pitched just right..” Mumsnet

“This podcast cleverly encloses moral messages and ethical dilemmas in silly scenarios – a perfect format to ‘accidently’ teach kids about the ways of the world”

“…After working their way through the gripping series, the kids will be begging you to download more podcasts“.

“..This award winning sci-fi podcast has lots of laughs and is aimed at 9-12 year olds, but we enjoy it too. Action packed and a great soundtrack!

“‘Once Upon a Time in Zombieville’ podcast which is brilliant for visually impaired and sighted children to enjoy together. An immersive comedy-horror audio cartoon suitable for children 7-12 and their families“.

“..It’s been called ‘a comic book for the ears’ and that’s exactly what it is – painting a colourful visual for children with expressive voice actors, epic soundtrack and real-life sound effects. This is entertainment for kids and adults..”

“There are also several podcasts on BBC Sounds, which … serve as a good example of the podcasts’ storytelling potential. A particular highlight is a series called Once Upon a Time in Zombieville”.

“For Fans of Goosebumps – note age 9-12! An award-winning sci-fi drama with funny bits, for 9-12 year olds (but you’ll enjoy it too). Lots of action, and a great soundtrack that wouldn’t be out of place in Stranger Things”

“..perfect for 9-12 year olds. The show is set in a fantastical world with hilarious and horrific challenges to overcome!”

There are plenty more reviews to be found on apple podcasts ~

As for what’s next? I’m trying something out. Something not new to me, at all, but whether I can turn this into a writing opportunity, something fun and profitable….let’s see…. Intrigued!? Stay tuned!

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